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Types of Membership

Doctoral Member: Individuals possessing an MD, DO, PhD, DDS/DMD, or other doctoral degree and are involved in sleep research or sleep medicine.

Polysomnographic Practitioner Member: Individuals whose primary employment is in sleep research or sleep medicine.

Student / Trainee Member: Individuals who are enrolled in a training or educational program pertaining to sleep. Proof of enrollment must be submitted in the form of a signed letter from the program director, as well as contact information (phone number and email) at which the program director may be reached.

Affiliate Member: Individuals with special training in the healthcare field who are practicing or are interested in sleep medicine. This includes Sleep Technologists, Nurse Practitioners, Physician’s Assistants, Respiratory Therapists, Dental Hygenists, and Office or Sleep Center Managers.

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Pennsylvania Sleep Society
PO Box 175, Neffs, PA 18065

If you have any questions you can reach us at membership@pasleep.org

Benefits of Membership

Join a growing network of sleep professionals in Pennsylvania:

We are fortunate that the state of Pennsylvania is home to many of the best clinicians, researchers, technologists and other sleep professionals. The Society allows for a state-wide infrastructure for networking, combining resources, and communication among such a diverse group. There are many unique opportunities for a smaller, state-level Society, and we encourage our members to take full advantage.


Discounted meeting registration

All members receive significant discounts on meeting registration. Our annual meeting brings professional, clinical, scientific, legislative and training activities together for a unique experience for our members. We also offer a number of continuing education activities, at a cost that is far below that of other meetings.

Reduced rates for advertising, job postings, and resume/CV postings

As our organization grows, the networking opportunities will only increase. Currently, we are offering significant discounts to members who wish to post job announcements if they are looking to fill a position, or their own resumes and CVs if they are looking for a position.

Access to our newsletter, so that you can keep informed of events and sleep-related news

Our newsletter will be a special benefit to members only. The newsletter will feature reports from meetings, updates from committees, sleep-related news, and highlight some of the great labs across the state.

Make your voice heard regarding important public policy decisions that will affect sleep professionals

As the world of professional sleep medicine changes, many of the issues that will play a large role in the day-to-day lives of sleep professionals are decided in state legislatures. Issues such as licensure and certification, scope of practice and other rights and responsibilities will be decided at the state level. It is up to us as a Society to represent the sleep professionals in our state and make sure that if legislation is passed, it is in our best interest.

Be able to contribute to the growth of educational and research opportunities

As our organization is still young, we are reaching out to the sleep field and looking for individuals who can contribute to the growth of our field in our state. Also, we are constantly searching for new ways to enhance the educational opportunities for our members and strengthen the role of scientific inquiry in professional issues.

Take part in a growing society and be one of those who help shape this group for many years to come

This organization will be what we as sleep professionals in Pennsylvania make it. As a field, we are diverse, with many strengths. However, many individuals have felt that their voices have not been sufficiently heard in the larger, more populous organizations. We have a unique opportunity to shape the Pennsylvania Sleep Society into the sort of organization that is small and nimble enough to sufficiently represent all of the sleep professionals in the State, without the need for multiple Societies. Join us and help us be the organization that you, our members, want it to be.